Photo by Alicia Wiley.

I am Diana, Russian by birth, American by passport. 

I am a lifestyle portrait photographer specializing in families, couples and newborns.

I am a military wife. My husband and our three kids currently live in Baltimore, MD.

Life is beautiful and I believe in capturing it as it is. 

I have always had special relationship with photography, loving unposed and candid images from high school. Always carrying a small point and shoot in my purse, I tried to capture the best moments with my family and friends.

I blame my beloved father for inheriting passion towards photography in me.  When I was younger, he used to turn my brother's tiny bedroom into his dark room and create beautiful photographs of our family, that are absolutely my favorite to this day.   

My own true love affair with photography began when I became a mother. I wanted to capture every detail of my kids' childhood, every new milestone, every little smile they had.

Now my love expanded to all the aspects of lifestyle photography.

I enjoy telling love stories of families, couples and all people that have special place in each others hearts.

I love meeting new people, hearing their stories and sharing mine.  

My family is the biggest inspiration to me.  I moved across the ocean to start our family with the man I fell deeply in love with. We had our twins, that had a rough start being born premature. Our youngest daughter completed our family. Life never stops giving us surprises and that's the most beautiful and wonderful thing about it.