When I handed my husband my camera.

I have been wanting to have some photos done with me and my kids in a long time. So last week, when all of a sudden we had summer weather, while spring barely started, I begged my husband to photograph us. I couldn't resist having photos done in this gorgeous spring sunset! Talk about golden hour! 

My husband met us at Cromwell Valley Park after his work (bless his heart, he has enough stress at work and now he had to deal with us!). Maryland people, if you've never been there, I highly recommend checking this beautiful park out, especially in the late evening before the sun goes down. It is gorgeous! I am an urban girl at heart, but sometimes, it is necessary to get away to a quite place like this. 

We, mothers, don't get in front of the camera often, but when we do it has to be perfect, or so we think. In this last minute decision, my husband was my only choice of a photographer. Well, he's married to one, so he knows a thing or two. There might be a few out of focus or improperly cropped photos, but he did an outstanding job without complaining. And these photos, they will be treasured forever.

One trick to make your kids cooperate is to simply let them run around, you have to run with them too! It never gets old! 

If you think our session was seamless, here is a glimpse of funny photos, when kids didn't want to have anything to do with us :) 

Believe me or not, but my husband had no idea, that while he was taking photos of us in this particular moment, Natalie had been picking her nose the whole time. I didn't notice it until all the photos were uploaded to my computer. This will sure be a keeper. 

Sophia wins the best photo face award.