Theresa / Annapolis Maryland Maternity Photographer

I had the pleasure of photographing Theresa, who is expecting her 4th baby boy in a few weeks. Her family is so inviting and warm, that I had truly loved every second of photographing them in their home. And, let's talk about how gorgeous this momma is! Wow! And those boys of hers, are simply adorable. You can easily see how much love they have for their mom, and their baby brother. 

Theresa had her mom visiting for the weekend, and I was able to catch a few moments with her and her grandsons. Now you know, their beauty runs in the family. 

Anniversary session at Federal Hill.

Last weekend I photographed my beautiful friend, Oquanna and her husband at Federall Hill in Baltimore City. There's not a lot of things that I like more, than spring in Baltimore with all its beautiful blossoms all around.

 To be honest with you, this session had nothing to do with their anniversary, at least not until a few months later. But, why do we even need an occasion to celebrate love by taking photos of a beautiful couple that is contagious with happiness! 

A sweet morning with my littles.

I love mornings. I am a morning person. One thing you might not know about me is that I get up at 4.3o am every day and get most of my work done then, in quite and peaceful environment. A full pot of coffee is all I need to get me started. I know, you're probably saying "is she crazy?!" But, I don't know why, I get a lot more done in two hours while my kids are asleep, than staying up late at night. I even used to study for all my exams getting up at 3 am while in college. I like having no distractions :)  

Real fun begins when my kids join the party. Most of the time I photograph them in the morning. The most treasured memories happen then, when it's just me and them and the most natural state, our home.